Captain's Letter

In the 37 years

while living how I wanted

working on what I liked

making as much free time as possible

and travelling around the world

I realized something.

In my travels

I met rich people, rich enough to be on Forbes

at business meetings in Dubai, New York or Singapore.

At trans parties in Spain, Australia or Mexico

I met hippies with dreadlocks travelling with a single backpack

earning just enough to eat every day.

One day

I understood the essence of what happiness is

why people who always smile are always smiling.

The important elements

that make us happy are just enough

really delicious water, fresh food, good music and party,

and truly positive and cheerful local people.

If these four are met, our life can be a happy one

even if we don’t have much money.

We are not happy because we have money

money is simply the means that enriches the journey.

And thus began the "casa base project".

I travelled further around the world

in search of the point where the four elements

good water, food, music, people gather.

For some reason, these treasures are always found

where water flows (canals, rivers, seas),

nature flourishes (parks, mountains, jungles),

and ancient ruins exist for over a thousand years.

Where these three conditions meet the four elements

I was surprised to find multinational, multi-religious people coexist

happily living together with children.

I marked the places where all these seven gather

as the whereabouts of the world's hidden treasures

and started building the "base".

Now that I found the treasure map

I am happier and more alive

The sunrise looks more vibrant,

the sunset more gentle.

A place where such miracles overlap

I can easily find positive, cheerful friends.

If my dear friends from all over the world

rotate around the base points flowing and circulating like water

be in touch with the mother nature and ancient ruins,

sing and laugh throughout the night

and dance until the morning,

while having delicious water, meals and drinks

with fellow friends and always smiling cheerful locals

Then the captain who made

the base pirate ships all over the world will

just be happy.

Y. T.